1. Supam Maheshwari


    Alternative Capital

    Our first engagement with the team at InnoVen Capital India (formerly SVB India) was in 2012 and have worked with them on more than one occasion. They have been the ideal partner as they understand the challenges we face, and see the same opportunities that we do in building strong category leaders in the online space. Their venture debt business is filling a huge void for businesses like ours that want to access alternate forms of growth capital to rapidly expand while preserving dilution


  2. Kunal Bahl


    Trusted Aide

    InnoVen Capital India team has been a trusted aide and our partners in success. They understand business and have brought great insights & invaluable network for us. We were fortunate to partner with them early in our journey and have worked with them twice so far. The team is highly passionate and make their investee companies’ vision their own


  3. Anupam Mittal

    Founder & CEO, People Group


    Nurturing Relationships

    InnoVen Capital India team has been a trusted aide and our partners in success. They understand business and have brought great insights & invaluable network for us. We were fortunate to partner with them early in our journey and have worked with them twice so far. The team is highly passionate and make their investee companies’ vision their own


  4. Rajat Goel


    Positive Relationships

    At EyeQ, we are committed to build the most dynamic and reliable chain of super specialty eye care clinics across the country. We are very excited to have partners like InnoVen Capital (formerly SVB India) who have been an integral part of our journey as a Company. We really appreciate the teams’ understanding of businesses and the flexibility that they provide to companies. It has been a highly engaging and positive relationship and we look forward to a long term association with the team.


  5. Nandakumar


    Invaluable Encouragement

    We have been associated with InnoVen Capital India (formerly SVB India Finance) for over 3 years now, and it has been a pleasure to work with them.  The execution of the entire loan process has been relatively quick and easy. Vinod and his team have made an effort to develop a deep understanding of Perfint’s business model and sales cycle. As an early-stage company, their encouragement and advice has been invaluable to the growth of our business.  InnoVen has at all times been extremely supportive, and we look forward to working with them in future as well.


  6. Sandeep Tandon


    Optimize Capital Structure

    While creating an innovative technology company like Freecharge, one of the key requirements is to have the right financial partners and InnoVen (formerly SVB India) has been one such partner for us. The team understands the needs of an early stage Company and works with them to find the right solution for them. We have worked with InnoVen for more than the last 2 years and we have been very pleased with the association and support received from the team.


  7. Ranjit Nair



    Extend Runway

    I would strongly recommend Innoven Capital India as a source of venture linked debt for the longer runway that it allows a company to create value. Innoven Capital adds value by not just being a lender, but also as a partner who understands your business and then helps you grow by recommending your company to prospective customers and new investors.


  8. Vivek Subramanayam


    Flexible Debt Product

    We are pleased in partnering with a leading global player focused on the start-up ecosystem such as InnoVen Capital India. Their understanding of the unique requirements of start-ups translates to flexible products that meet the venture debt funding requirements and are structured in a mutually beneficial manner.


  9. Bijaei Jayraj


    Minimize Dilution

    We had the opportunity to avail of Venture Debt from InnoVen Capital (formerly SVB India) back in 2011. The process of availing the funds were efficient and quick, and the team at their end was outstandingly professional. Overall experience was as sweet as the cheapest form of capital we could get from InnoVen Capital, and we prevent giving away equity otherwise.


  10. Kunal Shah


    Entrepreneur Friendly

    InnoVen Capital India (formerly SVB India) has been a partner of Freecharge from our early days to where the business has grown to today. The team has supported us with much more than just financing. I personally feel the team is very entrepreneur friendly and unlike conventional lenders, they understand how innovative start-ups work. We are very pleased with our association with the team.


  11. Ananda Mukherji


    Fast Decision Making

    Unlike almost any other bank, InnoVen Capital India understands the unique challenges of start-ups and the way entrepreneurs look at business. Their financing solutions are well designed for what early stage companies need and gives them great options on capital structuring. They have been, without exception, highly responsive to our business needs and incredibly quick in their decision making. We look forward to continuing to work with them.


  12. Venkat Nott


    Value Enhancer

    Innoven Capital India is a boon to entrepreneurs in their journey to create outstanding companies. Venture debt helps in preserving equity and in increasing value to the entrepreneur. Dealing with Innoven is simple and effective


  13. Chetan Kulkarni


    Seamless Process

    We are very pleased with our engagement with InnoVen Capital India (formerly SVB India). The alacrity of their team, the level of attention and care given to us and the process of securing debt funding were all remarkable.


  14. B.G.Krishnan


    Responsive Team

    InnoVen Capital India has been proactive and has understood the nature of our business opportunity. Our experience is that they seek to understand the entrepreneur as well. They listen actively and are responsive to concerns if any. Doing the loan engagement with InnoVen has been extraordinarily free of needless pain points.


  15. Shashank ND


    Passionate Team

    InnoVen Capital has been a good partner to Practo and its been a pleasure working with the team. One can certainly see them passionately working with entrepreneurs through ups and (more importantly) downs. They have been super supportive to us and we look forward to long lasting partnership with the team.


  16. Deepesh Agarwal


    Respectful and Grounded

    It been a pleasure working with the Innoven team. They value the entrepreneur and respect his / her passion. They are a grounded team and very open to providing any help which helps the business.


  17. Sony Joy


    Great Partners

    The team at Innoven has been great a partner to work with.  We appreciate them for their fast decision making and their eagerness to help us expand our network in the start-up ecosystem. They’ve provided us with great feedback to improve the Chillr experience. We look forward to having a long and fruitful association with them.


  18. Meena Ganesh


    Entrepreneurial and Collaborative

    InnoVen is an established player in India’s startup eco-system and has been a collaborative lender with a genuine entrepreneurial as well as true partnership approach. The team has taken care to understand our business in order to not only provide appropriate debt solutions for our financing needs but also to provide valuable inputs and enable connections that help business growth.


  19. Atul Jalan


    Venture Debt Pioneers

    I have had the delight of working closely with Ajay Hattangdi and Vinod Murali, the pioneers of Venture debt funding in India. The presence of a firm and people like them completes the venture ecosystem in India. Venture-stage companies, as we know, exist in constant state of flux, and someone like InnoVen Capital and its team, have been a responsive and responsible partner, who are adaptive to changing circumstances. I sincerely recommend the team at InnoVen Capital, their financing solutions are optimally aligned with company’s existing capital structure and its business objectives.


  20. Amitava Saha


    Strong Domain Knowledge

    The InnoVen team had an innate understanding of the business so the whole process was easy and quick. It is a pleasure working with them.


  21. Aneesh Reddy


    Understanding of Tech Sector

    We have partnered with InnoVen Capital for 2 years now and the association has been engaging and positive. The team has an in depth understanding of the critical needs of growth business and  the unique start up environment in the technology sector. The ease of availing their debt and loan facility has contributed significantly during the growth phase of our company, while ensuring lower equity dilution. The team at InnoVen has been professional and responsive and we value their partnership.


  22. Dhruv Shringi


    Partners in Growth

    The InnoVen Capital team have been true partners in growth for Yatra.com.  They have displayed sound understanding of the ground realities of doing business in India and have always taken a practical view of things.  I wish them the very best as they embark on their own entrepreneurial “Yatra”.


  23. Jaydeep Barman


    Connecting the Ecosystem

    For Faasos, InnoVen Capital India (formerly SVB India) went even beyond being a very helpful venture debt provider. They helped us in many ways including connecting us to folks in the industry and the VC / PE community, guiding us with prudent financial decisions and of course ordering from Faasos once in a while! I look forward to a long association with them in the coming years as we grow the business.


  24. Anjana Reddy



    There has been a great sense of contentment in working with the team at InnoVen Capital India (formerly SVB India Finance). When an entrepreneur is contemplating funding or any other terms of financing, an understanding, consultive and strategic advisory body such as the team at InnoVen is always an asset and a reassurance in taking the next step is truly backed by a team that understands and believes in your business.


  25. R Narayan


    Specialty Lending

    InnoVen Capital India has a great value proposition in its specialty lending to high growth entrepreneurial businesses in India with top-tier venture capital funding. By providing debt financing InnoVen helps entrepreneurs and their ventures to access capital to finance company’s growth. InnoVen Capital India’s growth loans help to close the gap between debt and equity.


  26. Guarav Singh Khushwaha


    Innovative Model

    InnoVen Capital India fills in a major gap that existed in the startup ecosystem. New age start up companies are mainly run by risk capital provided by the venture capital community. Traditional banking is not able to support this requirement but with their innovative funding model, InnoVen Capital exactly bridges this gap. Little wonder InnoVen Capital India acts as a lifeline to cross over crucial gaps. In our personal experience the team is very professional and easy to work with; An excellent small team of skilled people who understand and support the business in all possible ways